Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shamsubahrin charge ‘diversion’ from NFC scandal?

The main plan was to bribe the police but with the NFC fiasco being in public domain . A "mess" was how the Auditor General had described it , and  a trailed of misappropriation by the NFC management  unearthed  daily  by the alternative  media for public consumption , no police officer in his/her right frame of mind would dare take the risk of accepting  any " kaotiam "  money . Certainly not from a herdsman tending  to exclusive  " lembus "  residing in  plush  condominiums downtown ,  Bangsar . 

Alas , the initial plot was a total failure . The cops on the other hand were calculative and viewed all options . One was the opportunity to seek reconciliation from all the adversed publicity the department was receiving . A rarity at its most  perfect of timing .  To make worthy their " sworn  " oath of duty , for a change. 

The men in blue ,  as to the manner of how events were unfolding  knew  it made perfect sense to  not simply undermine or  hogwashed the whistle-blower(s) and exposures made that were consistently  supported by documentary as well as physical evidence which has led   to the opening of one can of worms after the other. 

Owing to these circumstances  and as things stood , it  was the most opportune period  to play to the gallery and  side society instead  .

Hence ,  neither  hesitation nor  fickleness were to be the order of the day  and to not make it a subject of an  "afterthought" maneuver  by a highly skeptical public  , resolved as the dawning of an impending new year  ,  they highlighted the attempt of this alleged bribery.

But then again this Dato' Samshubahrin fella is a running dog for who?    if not  those who are Sayalazat lady minister's  hubby , children and associates , all of whom are either powerful or backed by the powers that be ,  but with a major setback  so hazardous , it was simply too unjustifiable    to be swept under the carpet even for an entity specifically endowed with the crafty art of deceitfulness  . 
Hazardous as it is , salvaging has to be done , nonetheless . Notwithstanding that , the total disregard for accountability has dragged the entire government machinery into hot soup 

Realizing  Plan A had not only gone into tatters but almost got  their protruding ugly asses paraded  out in the open ,  the masterminds behind this silly idea had to come-up with something new and  fast . 

So ,  Plan B is hatched  . However for the plan to run its course (convincing or not is another matter to be dealt with in due time ) ; seemingly , the top echelon of the PDRM hire-achy had to be persuaded to stretch  their cooperation a little further and  that is to charge Samshubahrin  for the crime of cheating the NFC boss . A claimed ,  with all due respect is even sillier  .

The latest twist and turn of events conjured-up by the authorities , has  undoubtedly  left the public with more questions than answers. 
The most valid of  em all  would be , Why have the PDRM or MACC not charge the suspect for attempted bribery or better still , charge the owners of the Feedlot for embezzlement of public funds? -  Danildaud

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