Saturday, January 1, 2011

Malaysians , Politicians , Democracy and " 1Malaysia "

 Malaysians have long been skeptical of politicians and politics. Yet politics is a necessary activity for a democracy. Indeed, politics and politicians are essential indispensable in making our system of separated institutions and checks and balances work.

"Democracy"  an often misused term  , normally is used  to refer to a system of interacting values, interrelated political processes, and interdependent political structures.                                            
The vital principle of democracy is that a just government must derive its powers from the consent of the people, and that this consent must be regularly renewed at free and fair elections.

Stable constitutional democracy is encouraged by various conditions, such as an educated citizenry, a healthy economy, and overlapping associations and groupings within a society in which major institutions interact to create a certain degree of consensus.
The fundamental factor for any given  country to surge progressively ahead  depends  on how aptly its community is structured and the way democratic principles are applied .

For a plural society as in the case of Malaysia  to ride down the path in tandem with other successful ethnically diverse  nations require  the leadership of Prime Minister Najib to be bald  at the same time just in his approaches . A step taken  that  undoubtedly  affirmed his stay at the corridors of power would be  coming out strong in denouncing racial segregation and the necessity to continuously keep on implementing  race base policies .This move will definitely  act as an indicator of a beginning of better  things to come. 

The British colonizers  credited for having left behind the Westminster form of democracy to their successors  witting or unwittingly had  left yet  another one of their legacies  , a damning legacy ,   that of the art of divide and rule. A tyrannical feature to have been passed down which in due course  turned into an obsession, An obsession which has left its mark and have since  shown no signs of going away.The present crop of successors ought to  vary with varying circumstances  , bearing in mind that hanging on to a past , which in part is dysfunctional to the present and in many ways irrelevant to the future.The needs of the  21st century  demand a leadership that is culturally sensitive and internationally focused , with an orientation towards the future rather than the past.  Hence , until and unless policies deemed favoring a particular group is forgone , the country's various communities will stay divided and without a more liberated democratic stance   progress will be halted.     

Thus , steps taken  from now onwards will determine how far  Prime minister Najib's  1 Malaysia ideology will go and where it will eventually end up .  If there were anything in need of ratification  in pursuing the 1 Malaysia philosophy  than  obviously this  would be  to  first address the biggest  stumbling block  which is the total decline in  social capital - the experiences people gain in working together in community groups . Lest we forget , lessons about compromise, accommodation, and participation are important building blocks for democracy.  Pushing for a  high level of civic engagement  , a healthy level of voluntary and charitable engagement are the essence to making our communities and nation better.

It is essentially  important to take note of the way democracy has developed in many countries. 'Democracy'  in countries  termed as first world nations developed gradually.
A revolution had to be fought before a system of representative democracy in the United States could be tried and tested. It took several years before a national constitution could be written, and almost another year to be ratified. It took still another two years before a Bill of Rights could be adopted and ratified. It has taken more than two hundred years for democratic institutions to be refined and for systems of competition and choice to be hammered out. Democratic institutions such as free and fair elections and equal protection of the laws in the United States are still a work in progress, still in the process of being refined and improved


Monday, December 27, 2010

The 1 Malaysia Concept

"Ever since the 2008 elections , politicians have begun to look more like representatives of their respective parties than their respective constituents. While i tend to agree that no labels is an inspirational movement, because it rallies Malaysians to promote the ideas that our leaders have failed to advocate which are sound policies, not strong parties, sensible dialogue, and not senseless division. This glaring truth is made worst  when petty issues such as the 1Malaysia concept has got extremists in Government and opposition entrench themselves in senseless bickering over an issue best reserved for  " kopitiam  hours" to say the least.
Notwithstanding  that the  concept  of 1 Malaysia will  indeed be a binding factor for all Malaysians and 'carry ' out the vital duty of keeping our nation’s leaders focused and committed to moving Malaysia forward., my educated assessment (open to debate) says , the Prime Minister is dead serious on this 1 Malaysia ideology and for this alone we should put our differences aside and rally behind him"
Danil Daud

I for one as a citizen of this country fully subscribe to the 1 Malaysia concept introduced by The Prime Minister.  

The Prime Minister in his recent Christmas Day speech had said that '1Malaysia'  is apolitical and should be accepted as such without the need to blindly hurled abuses at the concept .

. I echo his sentiments and believe Malaysians should abide by this sincere intent  of  The Prime Minister in wanting a united Malaysia  by   viewing the 1 Malaysia slogan as a useful tool  to be applied in noble perspectives. A concept  which in overtime be construed as and when put into practiced  through fair transparent  policies  be one of several determining factors in bringing the diverse ethnicity  of our nation together

Hence , The recent banning  the usage of the 1 Malaysia slogan in and around Selangor reflects badly on the Selangor State Government. Their(Selangor State Government) manoeuvrings on this subject should instead  be taken as a move filled with hidden political agenda.

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