Thursday, April 20, 2017

It is not much about understanding the formation of Malaysia. It's more about respecting and honoring it.

It is not much about understanding the formation of Malaysia. It's more about respecting and honoring it.

Since day one prior to the formation of Malaysia, Malayan authorities and political counterparts never in the true essence of the word respected neither Sabah nor Sarawak as equal partners
They - Malayans , were up till this present day disillusioned by a superiority mental psyche towards their eastern counterparts in the "wild east" , a termed fondly used by the Malayan controlled central government to describe more than anything else the backwardness of the two Borneo States..

A Colonial masters legacy so damming an inheritance  embedded deeply in their  mental fraternity - a superiority complex which has been a stumbling block detrimental to both Sabah and Sarawak at fostering good relations with their partner across the South China Sea.

Governed by their superiority mindset , Sabah and Sarawak have remained at the loosing end , look down upon, shunned and reduced to being second class citizens.

The central establishment  without an iota of guilt has gone to the extent of shoveling aside a legit agreement that both Borneo provinces are equal partners in the formation of the country thus reducing the two independent provinces to mere states , a precursor to numerous other disrespectful initiatives undertaken against the people of these two entities.

Undermining stipulated rights of Sabah/Sarawak are political master plans perfected  down the years by the powers that be to continue having a strangle hold on the populace.

Demographics have been altered for political expediency. Jobs in both states are scarce due to the monopolistic pursuance of the central government,  Native and state lands taken up by huge Peninsular  base public listed companies leaving the natives  of the land with nothing but small plots to toil for a livelihood  hardly enabling to make ends meet.

More significantly, and to add salt to wound , Sabah and Sarawak have always been contributors not consumers of the country's coffers.
Why are we made to haggle when the bulk of natural resource are ours to begin with?

This is our 54th year as Malaysians yet the exploits of our beloved state has not hindered - lopsided policies prevailed to this very instant.

In areas where they failed to impose their policies either by coercion or  sinister plots ,  arm twisting tactics are applied  and the all important  aspect of our well-being which is security  as a bargaining chip.

All these  "short change"  ,"one-sided affair" and "unfair policies"  ,  boils down to one vivid manifestation  which is ,  since the birth of Malaysia ,  Sabah's prerogatives were handled by a lesser than formidable  leadership.
Sarawak has fared much better in this field.

The State yearns for a principled , determined , and a leadership with sheer guts to chart it's course.

Previous leaders notably the late Tun Mustapha was too ill educated to put up a sound diplomatic argument. Tun Sakaran in turn was a clear stooge.

Harris Salleh was over zealous to achieve his personal golds forgetting the very people who put him in power  were over the passage of time revolting against his stance on issues affecting the state. Needless to point out his role in the 85' saga and the skirmishes that followed.  

The Kitingan brothers on the other hand were pseudo statesmen , early at their tenure appeared all fired up only to self decimate. .
Our best bet were with those who perished in the double six tragedy  unfortunately their reign were cruelly halted prematurely.

The major factor why Sabah was enticed to be part of Malaysia is base on the MA63s solemn assurance of the State's status as an autonomous region within Malaysia..

Due emphasis  by our own representatives on the distortion of Malaysia Agreement 63 was never a prerogative that saw the light of day in the August House.

Decades later it takes an ethical Malayan Parliamentarian to voice out as visualize in the clip below Sabahs plight in a Dewan Rakyat sitting further echoing  the lackluster cum inferior attitude of our own people's representative.

The best case scenario for Sabah at present is to usher in a new breed of politicians unblemished  and without baggage to continue the aspirations pursued by victims of the double six tragedy. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Battle hardened Philippine military soldiers are our best bet to eliminate the notorious Abu Sayyaff bandits

Battle hardened Philippine military soldiers are our best bet to eliminate the notorious Abu Sayaff bandits.

All it takes is a determined commandant in Chief to relentlessly direct offensive resources to this aim.

Human rights or not , as demonstrated in Duterte's undeterred rage at hardcore criminals dubbed as a " killing spree " of drug warlords and other vice elements have in many ways served its purpose if not in totality .
Preemptive strikes of this sought has instilled fear right into the heart of the organization.

Not to undermine the capability of our own military, Imagined if those with vested powers had at the time the political will and the balls to preempt the Tanduo insurgency. The casualty on our side would have been much less.

Abu Sayyaf Leader Among 6 Suspects Gunned Down in Central Philippines

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