Friday, April 7, 2017

Joceline Tan's take on Musa Aman and the impending State Elections.

Joceline Tan is a Mercenary journalist..

She has that sheepishness of endeavor in coexistence with a spectacular writing flare coupled with an apt of imposing an adequate percentage of spin to boost the accolades of a deadwood personality or an evil character the likes of Hitler and portray him as a saint. All for an handsome amount of fees.

Citizens of Sabah have no qualms personally with the present Chief Minister nor his services rendered to the state through out his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer. 14 years to date.

Joceline is right to point out that Musa has been wealthy long before his involvement in politics. This fact sets him apart from many opportunists clowns masquerading as politicians who are in it(politics) for monetary gain. The emphasis on his  kin's  as Joceline puts it , living a moderate existence is however uncalled for. Pretending to live modestly and  by contrast genuinely living a modest life are subject matters that differs.

Perhaps many would agree , voters are ready to give Musa another five year term to run the state only if he is not in cohorts with UMNO. This is the ultimate setback hoovering over Musa's head and that of his future as CM.

Sabah and Sarawak are twice the size of Malaya as Jocelyne points out clearly, nonetheless what she presumably fails to mention is the amount of revenue extracted each day from these two Borneo entities solely for the benefit of Malaya while Sabah and Sarawak abudantly blessed with natural resources receive peanuts in return hence the mocking remarked ' two of the poorest states'

Taking into account previous political establishments , UMNO has reached the pinnacle of its might with much fanfare but little to shout about as far as real economical , infrastructure and development progress particularly for Sabah. Besides, its the norm for the state to  try out new Leadership and Political affiliates at the end of the five year mandatory allocation given a twist of good faith stretching to the
extent for the incumbent remaining in office for a spell of two or three terms the most.
Chief Executive Officers of previous administrations had a first hand experienced of this phenomena ,their so called 'Waterloo' before their third term was up. Musa must be thanking his lucky stars for not having to go through similar predicament.
Will there be a fourth term for him is now the golden question?

Hot issues on the streets that of project ic, autonomous rights under Malaysia Agreement 63, Crude Oil royalty,massive misused of tax payers and revenue money lend credence to the potential demise of the present status quo.

Moreover , with the advent of information technology thanks to the internet the present generation are no more as naive as generations of yesteryears

Almost everything falls under their radar no matter how secretive the government chooses to be. A new trend that has emerged which is hazardous to any dubious regime A  trend that ultimately sets an untrustworthy leadership  in dire straits.
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