Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Child Porn Scandal: Has MACC’s Ahmad Said’s impartiality been compromised to protect his son

Danildaud says: laws are meant to be broken but if its abused by the very people entrusted to keep the law than where is our country heading.

By Nathaniel Tan

Two things I pretty much stay away from blogging about - people’s families, and people’s sex lives. You’ll never see pictures of the sexy exploits of politician’s sons on Jelas (though perhaps, that’s more due to jealousy than anything else, haha).

I thought about it though, and in this case, I think it is in fact in the national interest - due to a question that needs to be answered (see below).

After making enquiries, I’m pretty sure that MACC After making enquiries, I’m pretty sure that MACC Chairman, Ahmad Said - the man who is wrongfully and prejudicially intent on declaring Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim guilty before proper prosecution takes place - has a son named Ahmad Shauqi.

It turns out, Ahmad Shauqi is a pilot who was recently found guilty in Australia for bringing child porn into the country (I suspect that the website referred to him as ‘Ahmad Said’ because they thought that that was his surname).

Whether he was really smuggling child porn, or whether he was simply the victim of that ridiculous amounts of spam we all get and unfair targeting by Australian authorities is outside the scope of this blog’s speculation.

I also think that the Malaysian police are supposed to conduct their own investigation and prosecution into this case. Apparently, this police investigation and prosecution never took place.

It’s this last bit that raises serious questions that take this out of the personal/family sphere, and into the public sphere.

As a public official, Ahmad Said must be free of any aspersions that suggest an inability to carry out his duties freely, fairly and independently.

Should Ahmad Said have a son who seems to have “escaped” criminal proceedings here in Malaysia, I think we cannot say that Ahmad Said is in a position to enjoy full public confidence.

After all, it then becomes reasonable for us to question: Has Ahmad Said been coerced into pursuing only selective MACC prosecutions against certain parties in return for having his son granted immunity from criminal prosecutions?

I wish to emphatically state once again that I have little interest in sullying Ahmad Shauqi’s name, in his alleged crime, and especially in connecting whatever his misdeeds may or may not be to his father. I am not interested in Ahmad Said’s parenting abilities, or the moral integrity of the rest of his family.

I am however, forced to take an interest in the ability of Ahmad Said to fulfill his duties as a public official impartially. Should he fail in this task, then it falls to us as the public to investigate all the possible reasons why. Unanswered questions will only cast further aspersions into the integrity of the already sullied MACC.

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