Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Musical talent runs deep in the Estrop family bloodline

In the late sixties and seventies a musical band comprising musical talents of the late Percival Vivian Estrop's grand children were the talked of the town , these talented musicians of the band 'Glass Tears' were superb and were in the class of their own of that era

The band was at its peak in the rebellious times of Woodstock and the rock generation of the seventies , being amazingly gifted self thought musicians , they were in high demand , playing to packed audience amongst them dignitaries and a list of the 'who's who' of the state in almost every top joints , in all major towns throughout the state of Sabah.

As talents dwindles amid through the passing of time and as the legacy begins to fade away , a new breed of exceptional talent sprouts and the continuation of the fame Estrop family musical legacy is alive and kicking once again.

Che'nelle , the gem of them all has brought the family name several steps further, attaining international stardom and to date has released an album under the EMI label with the hit single " I fell in love with the dj " is the great grand daughter of percival Vivian Estrop/Grace Lilian Vyner and great great grand daughter of Archibald Estrop/Clara Lavinia Van Geyzel

Christopher Rodrigues Estrop is another find example of a gifted musician. The great grand nephew of Percival V. Estrop , he is presently the resident musician of the fame Rozells Western and Country Pub, co-owned by his mum

Click here to see the Estrop/Van Geyzel lineage that dates back to 1575 Flanders Low Countries, Belgium and about 1750 Osnarburgh , Germany


Congratulations Clarence Van Geyzel Estrop for being conferred the Ahli Darjah Kinabalu (ADK) and Ronald Cooke the Ahli Setia Darjah Kinabalu (ASDK)
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This posting is dedicated in memory of the late Leonard Oliver Vivian Estrop , guitarist cum band leader of the Glass Tears and the late George Thien singer of the band.

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