Monday, March 16, 2009

Where does cabin crew sleep?

Mr Tony Fernandez will be flinging the entire Asian Constitution right at my face , hopefully he'll not run to that bald Yemeni home alone minister for advice.... cos if he does than i'll be staring at so many childish insulting acts..bla...bla...bla.

I was told to be brave by someone ...... anyway if worst comes to worst , I'll just blame the butler or maybe in this case... MAS.

so where do they really sleep..........

Boeing 747-400


Airbus A340

Boeing 777

Singapore Airline

SQ-with inflight TV and telecommunications

Air Canada


AirAsia .........!

Ssssssshhh. ~~ Don't laugh too loud... you might wake her up.. ~!!!


We're the World's Best Low Cost Airline because of YOU!

We've grown tremendously in the past 8 years, from 2 planes to over 75 planes, from 1 million guests to over 60 million guests and from 200 staff to 6,000 staff - because you've believed the impossible.

It has been a challenging rise to the top but we're proof that an Asian brand can make it globally.
To us, being voted as the best by all of you is the most meaningful recognition we could ever receive -
for that, we are grateful.

We've taken the world by storm and now, there's only one thing left to do - to lead you into a new era
of flying.

Thank You.

Best regards,
Tony Fernandes

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