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Why illegal aliens shouldn't be granted Permanent Residence Status let alone Citizenship

Why illegal aliens shouldn't be granted Permanent Residence Status let alone Citizenship

This should be the most important issue facing Sabahans today. It must be easier to "feel" the impact of the higher prices of consumer goods in Sabah and Sarawak attributed to the implementation of the cabotage shipping policy  because we see the numbers go up in grocery stores . However, the reality is that there is a greater financial hit on tax-paying  Sabahans than is evident because of illegal immigration's impact on reduced wages, etc. Illegal aliens cost the state of Sabah millions if not  billions of dollars each year.The state also spends an estimated  tenths of millions a year of tax payers dollars on health care for illegal aliens . With the costs of schooling and incarcerating illegals, the combined strain on the state and country for illegal aliens in Malaysia  is easily in excess of 2 billion dollars per year.

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These  are not "undocumented immigrant/refugees" we're talking about here. These are illegal aliens who entered this country illegally. These persons are genuine Illegal Immigrants, or more simply put, Illegal aliens who as their first action have demonstrated a disrespect for the laws of the nation they have entered.

There was a time in the  early 70s when the majority of the illegals who crossed the Philippine/Indonesian border were not the dregs of  their countries  society , they were then as in the case of a Filipino migrant  , fleeing a civil war; but times have changed. Those who come here now seem to be a more criminal element...they are transporting drugs. They are involved in gangs and have been in trouble in their motherland  before they came here. They are not coming to work hard and become Malaysians; they are coming to rape the system. I have lived on islands  along the Philippine  border. I've seen the changes in the way the illegals travel across the Sulu Sea. These days, they are ruthless and plunder everything in sight  arbitrarily, with no regard for property or livestock. They never used to break into homes along the way - now we have to lock and bar everything. And the crime rates continue to rise wherever they congregate. 30 or 40 years ago, this wasn't true...and it's annoying

When laws cease to be recognized or applied and enforced, chaos is most often the result  , and the state of Sabah is in its  worst shape then ever before  with  58% of its 3 plus million  population are either PTIs or persons with dubious Malaysian citizenship . Welfare, free health care, and other public services accorded to these illegal  immigrants  is pushing Sabah to the brink. Needless to mention of the countless of genuine Sabahans  killed each year by Illegal immigrants and countless others maimed for life that illegal immigration doesn't hurt.. These statistics alone 'shall' by any means serve as a guideline to any given politician who flirts with the idea of granting this segment of the states population amnesty regardless of the fact that an RCI is carried out to look into the illegal immigrant menace   . 
Just because the current system is not working is not a reason to reward lawbreakers with the prize of Permanent Residence .And since an idea as stupid as this (granting of PR Status) happens to come from the President of an opposition party  , the present administration should see this as a good omen and since support from the east guaranteed BNs hold on to Putrajaya , it would be a political right thing to do on Prime Minister Najib’s part to look into the mother of all problems plaguing Sabah and at the same time manufacture remedial measures to solving the ‘ legalized ‘ illegal immigrant fiasco .

Many argue that immigration is a social issue, but it’s a fiscal issue as well. The illegal immigrant population has grown by an average of  hundredths of thousands  per year since 1972, plus an additional hundredths of thousands new births in those households. That’s approximately a million new people every decade, and  almost all immigrant families are using welfare, especially  Medicaid welfare.

When Nobel Prize-winning libertarian economist Milton Friedman was asked about unlimited immigration in 1999, he stated that "it is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both."

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