Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ostentatious "Najib cabinet" for Sabah Barisan National leaders

‘The writing is on the wall’

' We are duped by all soughts of ‘largesse’ to try out this product..the so called new cabinet . Is it not an old gift in new wrapping??

How is the KPI administered and by whom. Koo Tsu Koon?? , tasked with monitoring the performance of the 28 ministers is an Umno lapdog , was dropped by the coaches (rakyat) but pampered by the management so he is picked to be in the team.
Will any of his submissions be independent off the UMNO heavyweights in the cabinet…go figure out '

The UMNO led Barisan Nasional cabinet is known for its liberality in bestowing gifts , especially in a lofty and condescending manner.

In the newly formed Najib Cabinet , Sabah in particular the leaders of Barisan Nasional led state government seems to be the biggest winners , but the core question is will the people of Sabah ever get to share this largesse? Appointment of these YBs to Ministerial and Deputy Ministerial post amounts to nothing if serious issues of illegal immigrants , abject poverty , bad roads and a much higher living costs contrary to what is enjoyed by the peninsular states , that have plagued the state for decades are not tackled and solved.

It is always perplexing for every sensible East Malaysian to comprehend when Sabah/Sarawak with a small fraction minus the vulgar fraction of those notorious transition population in a country of 26 million are labeled as being the two poorest states . Baring in mind , Sabah and Sarawak are several times richer with vast natural resources , in comparison to West Malaysia .

The Whole of kinabatangan is blind and one eye Mukthar is king

When YBs in the likes of Mukthar Radin with 'Sub-normal IQ of less than 70' , is elected to UMNOs supreme council , a party having the biggest say in government policies , The ostentatious - will only be extended to him and a few among his circle . Sabah does not stand to gain one bit but with his absurd antics , we are rest assured Sabah and for that matter Sabahan's will be ridiculed more

The desire of Sabahans is to have highly capable leaders

In the context of Sabah's desire to produce highly capable leaders , one that be able to represent the country in the foreign front amid the appointment of Anipah Aman. I agree with the masses , a novice like Anipah Aman should be given more exposure before he is elevated to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs (unless foreign policies is run from the Prime Ministers Department) .
It will be a mammoth task for Anipah to stand up to the likes of Singapore’s George Yeoh and other counterparts like the urbane and smart Indonesian Foreign Minister, the eloquent Foreign Secretary of the Philippines, and the very experienced and French-trained Foreign Minister Ho Namhong of Cambodia .

I personally think if they were to give the Foreign Ministry post to a Sabahan YB , Bernard Dompok is a better choice , besides having a better educational background and diplomatic experience , he will also be able to sit down and have a pow wow while having a sip of firewater munching on some un- kosher delicacies , but being an UMNO Malaysia where racism has long been institutionalized , it will take an event of cataclysmic proportions to rise above racial politics , let alone having a heathen as Foreign Minister.

So we are told to give this new ‘mahathir’ cabaret oops!! cabinet a though 22 yrs aint enough
Ok..alright , we dont have a choice be prepared cos Rosmah is gonna sing the blues..yea!!
Luckily JJ is not around or else he might sexually assault her

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