Friday, May 27, 2011

1Malaysia Update (A Personal update by the Prime Minister of Malaysia)

1Malaysia Update

dateFri, May 27, 2011 at 12:10 PM
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May 27, 2011

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going!

In June, I will introduce two new interactive platforms: a mobile app and the online 1Malaysia Roundtable. The app integrates all my online platforms including my website, Facebook and Twitter so that you can connect with me more easily!
The Roundtable enables you and your fellow citizens to discuss ideas that can contribute towards nation-building, guided by Malaysian subject matter experts from various fields. I hope you are looking forward to using them very soon.


It is very saddening to hear about the Hulu Langat landslide incident. As soon as I arrived in Malaysia, I went to Hulu Langat to visit the victims as well as the orphanage home. Click here to watch the video and here to view the photos.

Stay up-to-date with my new video summary!

I compiled a short video of selected activities and events during the months of January and February that I would like to share with you. Click here to view the video.

Salam 1Malaysia,

Even though it has been a busy month, I have not forgotten my promise of interacting with you. My team and I have been busy working on some exciting interaction programmes. There will be some announcements soon on how we can bring the level of our interactions higher. Regardless, I am looking forward to connecting with you through the various existing platforms when I return home. Do continue to visit 1Malaysia and my social sites to stay updated.
Najib Razak

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