Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Houdini of Malaysian Politics is a sodomite or is he?

Note: This article was written in the months soon after the aftermath of the 2008 General elections dubbed the "Tsunami" elections . 
Raja Petra Kamarudin
The blogger Prince who is editor of the Malaysia Today online portal  in recent weeks has decided to make a 180 degree U-turn and says he no-longer  believes in Anwar's person . 

  1. Anwar Ibrahim
And with the release of Phonographic material on YouTube and in several blogs depicting a person with a stark resemblance of the Malaysian opposition leader engaging in sex acts with a prostitute.  Anwar is yet again faced with an uphill tasked to convince the Malaysian electorates of his innocence

The Houdini of Malaysian Politics is a sodomite or is he?

The big question on every Malaysian mind , is the opposition defacto leader gay as proclaimed by his nemesis or is this the all to familiar recycle script resurrected with the intent to destroy his political career once and for all.

Some say they couldn't care less if he has a craving for the stinky male backside , to them everyone is entitle to ones sexual preference and so it is a private matter. His staunch supporters though are blatantly convinced he is a straight  god fearing family man and all accusations hurled at him are merely politically motivated , the so called character assassination

Having gone through a volatile political span he has in numerous occasions succeeded in pulling out the rabbit from the hat and if the recent Permatang Pauh by-elections is viewed as an indicator , he has triumphed against all odds yet again

Beaten , humiliated and sentenced to six years jailed term for corrupt practiced at the pinnacle of his political career (which he claimed was a trumped up charged) , he has proven his critics wronged by re surfing and has given the reformist stance a new lease on life

A master in the art of gamesmanship and endowed with excellent oratory skills , the Houdini of Malaysian politics with chants of ketuanan rakyat has garnered a new breed of followers amongst the young ethnic Indians and Chinese Malaysians , as well as the more liberated minded Malays that have grown fed up with the old system of racial base parties seen by them as an obsolete concept that has lost much of its appeal and is not conducive to promoting a more unified Malaysia

Facing fresh accusations of sodomy , has he or his defense attorneys one final ruse up their sleeves ?  One final act of the legendary " houdini's great escape " - a figure of speech so to speak . Saving him from being plunged into the bottomless pit forever. 
A blogger Prince is keeping his fingers cross , for his faith is pinned on Anwar's deliverance.

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