Friday, January 14, 2011

The aftermath of the Teoh Beng Hock 'open verdict' The question now as then is, how came he to fall out of the window?

The question now as then is, how came he to fall out of the window?

It might have been an accident but the circumstances of Teoh tripping and accidentally been plunged  out of the window was remote if not impossible . For this to occur his body weight had to defy the laws of gravity taking into account that the window identified as where the fatal fall  took place  was way above his body length even if he was tiptoeing  .

Suicide  which had been openly canvassed by the MACC  albeit suicide under duress was a subject of an intense debate before being  ruled out as the caused of death by the Coroners inquest . Moreover , his memoirs from the time of his death make it sounds as though he was not suicidal– according to family members , Teoh talks proudly about his impending nuptials with the woman who was carrying his baby .   For a man  who was supposed to tie the knot the very next day  prior to his unfortunate demise , the government theory of him taking his own life by way of leaping out the window  was  so implausible as to elicit disbelief. The government was to be cornered yet again by the daunting tasked of proving issues of its credibility a suicide note produced  late in the investigation.  

Teoh might have been pushed. Pro-opposition blogs  reported that MACC had summoned  Teoh to their office to persuade him to play the  role of  a turncoat.  These pro-opposition blogs  paint a story of the poor man’s terror as he’s relentlessly interrogated by agents of the MACC . They say that agents of the MACC  tried to persuade Teoh to implicate his boss on trumped up charges of misappropriation of state funds for political reasons. 

The fact that Teoh was under tremendous physical and mental pressure with no one , neither a peer nor a council to his aid. drove him up the wall.  When it appeared there was no help to be had, he dashed for the door. Instead of heading towards one of the exit doors and straight to the staircase , he went into the adjacent room and locked the door.  The MACC men battered down the door  and started searching the room.. Teoh managed to slip  through another door into another room and moved to the corner of the room behind some office furniture  on the fourteen floor, waiting as his pursuers came after  him. They started to break through the door to the room where he hid. He ran to the window, went over the railing, and held on with every intention of letting go and falling to the ground below if his pursuers made it through the door. The door cracked; Teoh let go. 

This, at least, is how in all likeliness anyone of his interrogators hauled up by the RCI in a desperate bid to explain that it was an unfortunate accident  could relate when ask his side of the story. How much of it is true is really anyone’s guess. But it’s possible that he was “helped” out the window by these alleged men.
Exactly what happened is unclear. But what is clear is that Teoh did not die immediately.  Thanks to forensic science , this we may duly conclude with the traces of pre-fall injuries discovered on his body that would have not been too revealing had he died instantaneously right after his body hit the ground 

As Teoh lay dying, the situation in MACC headquarters was quickly heating up....... .

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