Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Satan up close and personal


Satan or Saitan  ( also goes by the aliases Lucifer, The Antichrist,The Devil, Gucci Mane, Beelzebub, Scratch, Prince of Darkness, Lady Gaga, Kak Pidah , Mike Tyson and sometimes Jibbo) faggot Kevin , known as the Unholy Bitch of Darkness, or sometimes referred to as Maha Firaun of bengkok bridge fame , or the Pigtail persecutor , is basically a hardcore gangster who singlehandedly runs UN , MACC, PDRM etc.. , aka Musang. the fox

He once drew a penis on a toilet seat. This confirmed that he was indeed, the biggest Gansgter from Capital/Aman Hill of all time.

Once he even called the Messiah a “butthole” and a “really big jerk who picks his nose sometimes” thus proving that he is super hardcore and a real “Muthafukin G Y’all”. Exile on Main Street

He has a pretty bad reputation and is generally disliked, except for people who listen to Namewee’s version of ‘Negara-ku’, Malaya hip-hop, trance , armenian chanting , and blink-182.

This led many theologians  throughout History to label Satan as the “Dork-in-chief”, or the “Lord of Dorkness”, although it is a fact known that Satan sometimes gets to have sex with Mongolian beauties , red-skinned vampire chicks, crack cocaine junkie girls and Ebola-contracting bats as well, but not much with dork or nerdy girls like dorks get to sleep with (or dream of doing so) at lower levels in the hierarchy. This policy has been widely criticized, due to the well researched fact that dorks like Bung ‘hole’ Munkee and nerds like Big Fat Roast-mah need sexy love too.

Satan is a self described Anarcho-Fascist (whatever that means) and donates heavily to Ab. Ali’s Perkasa and Al-Qaida respectively. He is also the sole “intelligent” being on this planet who cares watching or listening to infomercials and is enjoying it.

So whatever you do, stay away from him at all costs!

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