Friday, January 15, 2010

The Kitingan Brothers for Malaysian Premier-ship??

Naah! The kitingans are not cut out to be in the national league.

That ‘Huguansau’ under the influence of pork face ex. State Attorney , Luping double crossed good ol’ Tun Mustapha in the 85′ state elections , ditching the old man’s usno at the eleventh hour and by doing so , renege on an agreement of forming a coalition govt prior to the elections.

Pairin and a bunch of ‘hangover’ follies then went on to plunder whatever appeared before them while exhibiting the exact detestable arrogance of Umnoputras ,which pissed of’ the very people who kicked Datu Harris out.

Jeffrey is even worst , he is like that chicken that crossed the road , jumped into a ditch and crossed back again , yep! a dirty double crosser.

To secure his release while under ‘ISA’ detention , he made a deal with the person who has two horns ,himself. The planned was rather simple ,go back to your tapai drinking session , get everyone drunk , stand-in the elections on PBS ticket . Win the elections then announced you’re jumping ship that most likely cos a domino effect which certainly render upon big brother his political demise and as they say , the rest is history.

Oops! Almost forgot Anwar was with that person with the two horns at that point in time.

How times change , today Anwar is seen by the christian community as the one with the round ring floating over his head.

I once heard Tun Musa Hitam say never be commital in politics , guess DSAI heard that too.

By Danildaud on January 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm


Brilliantly encapsulated on the political shenanigans in East Malaysia.

I have always held the view Jeffrey Kitingan is an unreliable chap but who will always get the vote from blurry-eyed folks like Salmiah Hassan and ocho-onda , for some unknown reason.

By Frank on January 11, 2010 at 7:52 pm

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