Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glorification of one leader or the other is not the answer to the horrendous mess the nation is in!


Glorification of one leader or the other is not the answer to the horrendous mess the nation is in! Whether it is Anwar Ibrahim or Zahid and for that matter Jeffrey Kitingan or Pairin. These individuals were high and mighty at one stage of their political career.
Now with bruised egos , they are often seen and heard chanting words of wisdom, portraying themselves as advocates of justice and of fair play.
If we were to wind back the clock ,we’ll notice that these very people singing songs of praises to the establishment they now staunchly oppose. Needless to say . an establishment that’ve grubbed too much of the groceries to anyone’s liking.
The fundamentals may appear simple but what’s even more obvious , is that the objectives remain far-fetched
So try convincing me , where do the solutions lie? Are they to be found in these leaders or are we prepared to be taken on another roller-coaster ride??

 Danil, surely a roller-coaster ride is more fun!
The solutions always lie in “To-Day” – not in the past, nor in the future. Look at To-Day, and see where the stumbling blocks lie and where the opportunities are.
You are absolutely right in saying that we should never glorify mortals. If Anwar becomes deaf and mute today, i’d rather kick him out. But he is not yet so… Respect, without fire in the belly does nothing – passionless.
One things for sure, i personally do not to see a repeat of the falseness of “nationhood” of yesterday.

What ‘nationhood’ when a racist ‘cold war’ between the malays and non-malays which has all along been an open secret still alarmingly exist at our very midst. A tribal instinct that remains the biggest hindrance to nation-building .
Even if the country’s leaders were to hide behind the Petronas sky scrapper and proclaimed achievement . The third rated mentality of it’s countryman will reveal the ugly truth.

Zul Nordin’s antics strengthen this fact but so do Karpal and LKS paradoxical manner of rebuttal.

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