Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sabah/Sarawak issue

Najib has announced that Malaysia Day will be a national holiday.
If I were to make a choice between celebrating Merdeka Day or Malaysia Day, I would definitely choose the most sensible thing, i.e. Malaysia Day.
Merdeka Day? What’s Merdeka Day, it’s a silly joke because we are being colonised by the UMNOputra pirates. Anyway, most of these UMNOputras are not true Malays but the most rapacious opportunists descended from other races.
Come Merdeka Day, I won’t be celebrating it; instead I prefer to work and save it for Malaysia Day.
By vsp on

yes .. the merdeka day holiday should be canceled . if merdeka day remains a holiday , then it should be called dr. mahathir ’s holiday and not merdeka day anymore . mahathir deceived the sabahans and sarawakians the most.
By salmiah hassan


And way before mahathir it was tengku razaleigh.

As chairman of petronas , he systematically forced sabah to accept the 5%royalty deal.

When the first batched of ministers declined this lopsided offer, their plane crashed (which until today remains a mystery ) killing all 6 senior ministers on-board amongst them , the then sabah CM, Tun Fuad Stevens. It needs to be said that barely a day after the tragedy had gone by  a deal was struck favouring petronas.

Then came that mamak fella with the infamous ‘project ic mahathir’ legitimizing and with it came instant bumiputra status to hundredths of thousands of those transition population from indo and the philippines ,forever altering demographics of the state.

This is why , although with the majority of genuine sabahans opting for change and yet ,BN seems to emerge victorious , elections after elections .
So ,lets be more sensible and not entirely blame the dusun,bajau ,iranun folks for any of pakatans defeat over here in Sabah.

AND now , after all those hungry years , Najib another of the torchbearer has decided to go out on a fishing expedition hoping to captivate the hearts and minds of sabah/sarawakians with his malaysia day a national day pledge.
Well , with due respect Mr.Prime Minister , this ain’t good enough. The national day pride has all but diminished.


The malayan sultans along with their traditions and other aspects of the malayan heritage should’ve been kept on the other side of the fence and not be exported across the south china sea into the living rooms of East Malaysians.

As if , these feudalistic elements that came with strong racist policies (alien to the two Borneo entities) were not damning enough , Sabah/sarawak were yet again subjected to be parties of a copy right infringed Hawaiian love song turned national anthem with hardly any lyrics denoting traces of East Malaysian culture.

Unlike miniature states such as perlis and negeri sembilan or the entire peninsular for that matter , Sabah/Sarawak  since the formation of Malaysia have been givers not takers of the country,s  coffers . But despite being a pot of gold for the federation , federal appointed leaders in the likes of sweet prince razaleigh plundered the two states natural resources with the least consideration to the source and while the plundering continued  another of its appointed leader , an imported Keralan knight frequently used security as a bargaining tool. And inspite of agreements on security issues concerning sabah/sarawak prior to the formation of the federation  this keralan knight who made kedah his home legitimize the multitude of illegals for political capital , and in the process endangering the livelihood of genuine citizens.

In more recent times , kerismudin another name in the long list -band of penyamun spoke about Sabahans safety being his utmost priority , so as usual , the recycle garbage goes on display for all to see and sniff , adding further insult to injury.
Now , tell me how shall we grade azmin , who it seems is habouring similar fantasies?
By Danildaud on October 24, 2009

Like I suggested earlier there should be a law against carpetbaggers.
By Mr Bean on October 24, 2009

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