Friday, April 10, 2009

" Danil Daud debated Mr. Bean" on the Altantuya murder verdict

'It is a rule of the common law, that citizens of a democratic country , use strong epithets, however derogatory to the character of the opponent, or other agent or witness, in commenting on the facts of the case, if pertinent to the cause, without any liability to any action for the supposed slander, whether the thing stated were true or false'

  1. “ … unlike UMNO, Pakatan would not play the race cards to win elections.” Anwar Ibrahim

    If that’s really the case, why hasn’t any of the Malay leaders within PKR not come out to reject the NEP, totally and without conditions, and not hang on to the same old argument that the NEP has been abused and the benefits of the said policy have not helped the poor even among the Malays and in fact were abused by the leadership to help their own?

    To its critics even DAP may be said to be playing the race card in wanting to see a complete break from the past which will benefit their members who are almost wholly Chinese. I would believe if DAP tomorrow de-registers itself and merge with PKR.

    I do not think Malaysia presently has what it takes to rise above racial politics. Racism has long been institutionalized which is the real problem, and it would take nothing short of an event of cataclysmic proportions to make the change.

    The country needs visionary leaders but even leaders with visions of the future will not be able to move too far ahead of his followers. If he does he would be sowing the seeds of his own political demise.

  2. “Tomorrow, the Shah Alam High Court will decide the fate of the two police special action force personnel charged with murdering Altantunya Shaariibuu” MALAYSIAKINI

    There can only be one verdict “Guilty”.

    But does that mean the duo will go to the gallows? No. There is no law against sending someone else to take your place who is already facing the hangman’s noose.

  3. Where will they be heading then if not the gallows? They will be heading for the Kuta Beach with a high five digit bank account to lead their lives as life guards saving damsels in distress.

  4. Coming from Sarawak .. Azilah will make a good life guard but… Sirul …. hmm… maybe not . Most Malayan’s cant swim.
    Apart from being superficial fighters of almost every damn thing in the wilderness was never a part of their legacy…oh..ok maybe with the exception of Antares

    Yes ..i speak ‘Beans’ language… the Malayan brats are to deep into racism to think of any other form of politics.

  5. “The prosecution has therefore proved the case against the first and second accused beyond any reasonable doubt. I therefore now sentence you first and second accused to death. Both of you will be kept in lawful custody until you are brought to a lawful place where you will be hanged by your neck until you are dead,” judge said.

    Didn’t I tell ya??

    We also know that the duo have taken the fall for their boss Najib now Prime Minister in return for an exotic life on an island off Bali.

    Some of the Balinese girls still walk topless along the river not too far from Kuta Beach where Aussies like to walk naked in search of turtles (little do these Aussies know that there are no turtles anywhere near). However, these topless girls are from Sukarno time and are in their 60s and 70s. Even Din Merican wouldn’t be interested.

  6. Dna evidence aside , how could they’ve been charged with murder in the first place when immigration records does not show her(Tuya) ever being in the country .Technically the judge is sending two innocent men to the gallows

  7. i thought they signed a confession detailing how they did it - three bullets to the head and military grade explosive to get rid of the body. Pieces of bone identified through DNA as belonging to the deceased were found. That is real evidence.

    Immigration records are documentary evidence which are hearsay in nature. You will need to call the maker to testify and it is his testimony that is the evidence - not pieces of paper or computer records.

  8. For the crime of murder, death has to be established. And death was established through bone fragments and identified as belonging to the victim through DNA. If no body (or bone fragments) was ever found, then there cannot be a murder charge (let alone the accused did the murder) since there is no murder.

  9. I am pretty much aware of the legal jargon's but lets look beyond the circus trial and anticipated conviction , was it not obvious the prosecution and defense were putting up a charade working hand in glove protecting the ones that ordered the killing. Those cops especially the junior of the two are mentally programmed to obey command..their UTK training is stress on this element…they are not hired to think.So again..technically they are innocent.

  10. ” …was it not obvious the prosecution and defence were putting up a charade working hand in glove protecting the ones that ordered the killing.”

    Yes. So? Still they were found guilty. If you’re referring to Baginda who probably gave a different instruction i.e. “Get rid of her” and not “Kill her” it is especially difficult under any circumstances to make the charge of conspiracy stick. Conspiracy is never easy to prove.

    “Those cops especially the junior of the two are mentally programmed to obey command..their UTK training is stress on this element…they are not hired to think”.

    You are suggesting that the accused were not aware of right and wrong, incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong - which goes to the defense of insanity. Not aware of what they were doing was wrong.

    Fact. They were aware of what they were doing and that what they did was wrong. Able to distinguish between right and wrong. How else would you explain the fact that they tried to cover up their crime??

    Law. In any case legal insanity is quite different from the layman definition of insanity. A higher standard needed to rise to the level of legal insanity.

    Not a chance. If they were found not guilty by reason of legal insanity, they would be confined to the mental hospital at his Majesty’s pleasure for the rest of their lives and would never come out. No pardon. Zilch. A more cruel punishment than death by hanging!

    Sub-normal IQ of less than 70 is not a legal defense.

  11. The two found guilty and sentenced to death were calm and stoic when sentence was pronounced. Most unusual for those condemned to die for crimes they said they never committed.

  12. Well it takes an insane human to blow up someone to bits.

  13. It’s a watch dogs.. if they fatally attack an intruder then they are put to sleep..and by doing so ... , it’s pretty much justified.
    The system has turned these UTK personal into watch dogs

  14. With or without evidence…Najib , Razak and the entire PDRM has blood on their hands

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