Monday, January 12, 2009

Harmonious East vs Racist West

racism: A prejudice or discrimination based on an individuals race that is expressed individually or institutional policies or practices. Racism is a system of oppression - a nexus of racist beliefs , whether explicit , tacit or unconscious. Practices , organizations and institutions that combine to discriminate against and marginalize a class of people who share a common racial designation.

discrimination: unfair treatment of a person or group base on race , religion , ethnic origin and other attributes

While the people of Sabah and Sarawak are living in unified harmony not by designed nor any force racial relations act or policies but merely to an inner sense of spiritual unity that has evolved naturally amid the feeling of oneness through inter-marriages and sincere indulgence in a mutually accepted diversified culture.

Without the aid of any institutionalized propaganda machines or advertisements or any other promotional gimmicks to bond the people. East Malaysia is the best example of the unified Malaysia that Federal MP's in the government as well as opposition are meticulously pursuing , that some how have eluded the Peninsular States

Sadly , millions have been wasted to achieved this objective and yet Peninsular states are baffled by racial tensions right up to this present day. A vivid indicator of failed government sponsored programmes that have been hijacked time and again by racial chauvinists putting their selfish political ambitions in the forefront.

When most Malaysians understands that to treat individuals differently on account of their race is unfair not everyone sees the big picture as revealed by ex de facto law minister, Zahid Ibrahim, citing racial bigots in Umno as a stumbling block to his reform plans . One of several reasons he left office , one other being the rampant used of ISA to isolate dissidents.

After 50 or so years of independence , racial discrimination is still exhibited in government policies and institutions , though the ruling elite consists of all major races in the country. The recent incitement by influential leaders behaving in a racist manner rebuking a suggestion by Selangor MB to open UITM doors to the non Malays which led to street protests is clear revelation of the state of affairs in this racially divided land.

Read here to what my cyberspace acquaintance has written , a fictionalized account to a blooming real scenario and also here in response to this. Click here to read "racism , part of a social contract".

Many may share the same sentiments as Zahid, owing to the fact, that Malay dominated UMNO as the main policy makers should have the will and sincerity to push for reforms.

Nonetheless the non Malays are equally responsible to this menace as they are guilty of their own form of racism , though a huge portion of the blame should be leveled at their self-serving lacklustre Government Reps for failing to conjure a more lucarative deal , compelling these "pendatangs" to a self segregated existence refusing to co-mingled with other races other than their own.

Economic policies viewed as favoring a particular race such as NEP and sheer frustration of a pro-racist stance has had a detrimental effect on the government and has given a resurgent opposition more leeway , as this is pushing the non Malays to a new platform made available by them to voice out their grievances.

As some may think their salvation is in the hands of a Political Maverick with chants of reforms and music to the ear mantra of "ketuanan rakyat"

They should be reminded that,

"An harmonious Nation has never been fully achieved by policy reforms alone , a sense of spiritual oneness that has been embedded in the hearts and minds of citizens of the earth in Sabah and Sarawak , is a more appropriate stance to emulate"

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