Monday, November 3, 2008

Have an affair or illicit sex with a Politically influence Malaysian Man and you might end up dead

  • Altantuya , found it out to late . Her body blown  to bits and her one time lover, Razak Baginda a well connected individual , charged for abetting in her murder was discharged and was set free by The Malaysian Courts.

  • Noritta Syamsuddin , a young aspiring lass out to make some quick bucks and for some fun met up with the wrong company, that eventually , cost her , her life . Her alleged killer was set free because evidence adduce in court by the prosecution points to a mystery man other than her alleged murderer , a mystery man believed associated to a dominant political party.

  • The brutal murder of Sabah's lady minister , Norjan Khan Bahadar , under scandalous circumstances , is somewhat a three - 60 turned . Here we have a politically influenced lady for a change , her motionless body found stark naked in a hotel room with semen stains

    So ladies , even though you may look and have vital statistics like the celebs below . Its in your best interests to wear tightly your chastity belt each time you cross paths with these rare breed of Malaysian's and to those aspiring to be toy boys contemplating an easy life , heed this advice , stay away from those lusty political nanny's for you might end up killing someone , its a damn cursed , you see

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